Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Series For Youth of Culture

If you've ever watched any of the Harry Potter movies, the Twilight series, Bridge to Terabithia, Chronicles of Narnia, etc., then you are well aware of the growing popularity with making book series about youth and their exploits into movies.  There are millions of Harry Potter and Twilight fans around the world.

Here is something for the child of culture...

There is an evil force that threatens the very fabric of existence.  A 
daughter has been born to a very powerful, evil being. This being 
has ascended the heights of the heavens and has stolen the much 
coveted Tablets of Reality from the powerful galactic Beings of 
Balance.  The being was killed but now his daughter is gathering the 
scattered portions of the Tablets to finish her father’s sinister 
mission.  Now the universe is in jeopardy and the only hope for 
Earth and the rest of the galaxy lies in the hearts, souls and spirits of 
five very special children.  Time to learn a lesson… 
Our lesson begins in the future, the year 2007.  A year of much 
trouble and turmoil on the planet Earth, but also the year of the 
establishment of many wondrous and great things.  One of these 
great and wondrous things is a school.  Not your ordinary school, 
but a school of mystic and spiritual wonders.  Not wonders as in the 
teachings of evil magics or disagreeable arts or the likes but ancient 
wonders, the original wonders of which all other "magics" were 
born out of.  These are the wonders of ancient Egypt and other great 
civilizations and the school is... 

The Ankh Akademy 

Join our five heroes, Alu, Usir, Karum, Safiyyah and Tia, as they are 
invited to a strange, new school in the Northern region of Georgia.  
They find out that they play an important role in the future of the 
planet and this school, The Ankh Akademy, is the key to preparing 
them for their great mission.  This is book one out of a series of 
seven books that will cover our children’s amazing adventures. 

The Ankh Akademy - The Great Keys Scroll I
ISBN 978-1-4116-7021-1

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